D E V E L O P I N G   &   P R O C E S S S I N G

We hand-process roll film and sheet film up to 10x8 in deep tanks, using ID11 and T-Max as standard developers. However, depending on specific requirements, many other developers are available, such as: Rodinol, Microphen, Hc110, Perceptol etc.

Each client is looked after individually and personal characteristics (eg. tendency to over or under expose) are noted and allowed for.

Different manufacturers' idiosyncrasies are also taken into account (through years of experience, we've found that some ASA ratings are less than 100% accurate.)

Certain specialist films, such as Recording Film, Technical Pan, Ortho and Infra-red are given appropriate treatment and even old stock won't be refused!

Polaroid negs can be treated in sodium sulphite, washed, dried and just as all other films, can be contacted on resin-coated or fibre-based paper, either same size or enlarged.

"Robin Bell - the only man to trust your negatives to" - Terence Donovan